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The initial visit includes an exam and your first adjustment.  During the second visit, we review exam findings and the information you provided on the intake forms. You will receive a second adjustment, as well. We will then customize a treatment plan that meets your needs. Chiropractic adjustments include checking your spine for subluxations or misaligned bones.  In addition, shoulders, knees, feet will be evaluated for subluxations.  Corrections will be made, if needed.  The techniques I use are very gentle, especially with little ones.  With older children and adults, I use a small hand-held instrument called an Activator.  The Activator delivers a precise adjustment with only a slight clicking sound.

With regular chiropractic care, individuals often notice significant improvement in all aspects of health and well-being.  Blocked emotions due to injury or trauma may be released from the nervous system allowing it to function at a higher, more integrated level.  The state of ease that follows allows you to be “in tune” with yourself and experience life to its fullest.